Tangra.Games Forum Rules


1. General provisions

1.1. Tangra.Games Forum

The Forum is an official body of Tangra.Games. 

1.2. Voluntary participation

Forum users, including administrators and moderators, are not required to comment on any topic. Participation in the Forum is voluntary and any action that requires participation from one user to another is unacceptable.

1.3. Violations

Any violation will be sanctioned as described in article 7 of these Rules. The application and interpretation of these Rules is at the discretion of the Forum Team.

The administration of the site reserves the right to impose penalties in Tangra.Games in case of serious systematic violations of the Forum Rules.


2. Warnings and penalties

2.1. Warnings

The Forum Team reserves the right to issue a warning to users before imposing penalties. We hope that warnings will lead to the desired change in behavior and that penalties will not be imposed. 

2.2. Blocked users

It is impermissible when a user is blocked on his forum account, for him/her to continue writing with another. According to the team, this will be considered a serious violation of the Rules and may lead to a penalty in Tangra.Games.

2.3. Insults

In case of excessive foul language, the user may be blocked without warning.


3. Language and culture

3.1. Culture

Discussions in the Forum should be conducted with respect to all users and regarding the right to other opinions. Disputes and criticisms are allowed when they are addressed in an appropriate tone. Causing harsh disputes and scandals is unacceptable and punishable. Unethical, rude, and ironic treatment of other users, members of the Forum Team, or third parties will be removed, and such actions will be sanctioned. Arguments in a dispute concerning the ethnic, racial, professional, sexual, etc. orientation of the opponent cannot be used. Such displays are not allowed and the messages will be removed and users will be sanctioned. It is not desirable within the same topic for the same User to repeat the same arguments without changes in the opinion. The repetitions imply a desire to silence the discussion with shouts.

3.2. Harassment

Harassment in any form against another user is strictly prohibited. Content containing indirect insults, ironic insinuations, attempts at provocation, inappropriate comparisons, and nicknames will be deleted and its author sanctioned. 

3.3. "Caps Lock" and color writing

The use of the "Caps Lock" option is not tolerated in the Forum, as it will be considered as "shouting".These posts will be changed or removed, especially in case of violation or systematic non-compliance with two or more rules. The use of capital letters or in bold/colored form is allowed only in cases where it is necessary to underline the words of the text. Color writing can be used by moderators and administrators in their posts.


Quotes have the effect only if you want to comment or show a certain part of someone's statement or it's on another page or another topic. Excessive use of quotes makes the posts hard to read and requires unnecessary scrolling of the page. Redundant citations will be removed by moderators.

3.5. Expressive means

Excessive use of means of expression, such as inarticulate, interjections, pictures, emote icons, etc. makes communication difficult. These posts will be changed or deleted, and a systematic violation of this rule will result in a penalty.

3.6. Requests for the abolition of penalties

If you believe you have been unjustly punished, you can challenge your sentence by contacting the Tangra.Games administration in person using the feedback option. The decision of the administration is final.

3.7. Avatar or signature elements

You are not allowed to use elements from the avatars and/or signatures of other users. This is considered offensive and will be sanctioned.

3.8. Number of opinions

Writing posts just to increase their number will be considered spam and sanctioned.

3.9. Writing opinions on behalf of others

Writing opinions on behalf of others, especially on behalf of penalized users, is prohibited and the "lawyer" may be sanctioned.

3.10. Addressed topics

Topics addressed to a specific user will be deleted. If you want to connect with a specific user, use personal messages.

3.11. Information for the players

It is not permitted to publish another user's name and/or account information without their explicit permission. It is forbidden to publish information about another user, company, forum, site, etc. without their express consent. In such cases, the publisher will be punished and the topic deleted.

Any personal information that a user has voluntarily shared in the Forum may be used by other users.

3.12. Account trading

Account trading is prohibited.


4. Writing a new topic and a new opinion 

4.1. Title of a new topic

The title of each new topic should be as descriptive as possible and in accordance with the Forum section in which the topic will be launched. "More descriptive" means the use of keywords for the problem/question, rather than expressing the whole question/problem in the title.

4.2. Duplicate topic

When a user writes a new topic, it is desirable to go through "Search" to check if such or similar already exists. Duplicate topics will be locked.

4.3. Themes

When a user posts a new topic in a certain part of the Forum, he should align his text with the thematic focus of the section. There may be clear additional restrictions or other specific rules for each specific section of the Forum (usually posted as an "important/pinned topic" at the beginning of the section).

4.4. Author of the Topic

Every user who opens a new topic is its author. The author of a given topic undertakes to determine in the opening text the framework of the discussion that will be held on the topic. This can be a specific question (in this case the subject and parameters of the sought answers are framed), a definition of a problem area (object of discussion and time or other frames are set), or another. The author of the topic has the right to contact the Forum Team by personal message and request a change or removal of another user's opinion in his topic on the grounds that it is not on the topic or deviates from it. The team assesses whether the request is justified and takes action at its discretion.

4.5. Writing an Opinion

Before posting a new opinion on any issue, make sure that it would be helpful to clarify the issue. Opinions that are not on topic will be deleted, and in case of systematic non-compliance with this rule, their author will be punished.


5. Advertising/Propaganda

It is strictly forbidden to expose ideologies that harm an object/subject and/or group, as well as targeted advertising of a product/ideology/service. It is forbidden to seek help against a certain payment and to seek/offer/disseminate any illegal information about a group/company/person.


6. Images

6.1. Vulgarity/eroticism/violence/racism/homophobia

Any such inscriptions, logos, stamps, brochures, etc. with a similar theme (hidden or overt) will be deleted.

6.2. Avatar/Signature

The avatar and signature must comply with point 6.1 (as well as all previous and subsequent ones) and must not exceed 500 pixels in height. Do not abuse the opportunities provided for thickening and coloring. 

6.3. Offensive content in the form of an image

Gifs, memes, and any images containing direct or indirect insults, threats, or provocations to a user are inadmissible and their use will be punished under section 3.2 of these Rules.


7. Actions of the Forum Team in case of violation of the Forum Rules

Any violator of any of the Rules may be sanctioned by editing or deleting a topic, opinion, or part of an opinion without warning from the Forum Team.

A first violation of the Rules will result in a warning. For each subsequent violation, the user will be punished by revoking the rights to publish for a limited period of time. The duration of the penalties is determined on the basis of the seriousness of the infringement and the previous penalties of the consumer. The team reserves the right to block a user permanently.

Each user undertakes to comply with the Rules by registering in the Forum. Of course, participation in the Forum is voluntary, so the Forum Team takes for granted that each user has read the Forum Rules and the relevant section and is obliged to follow them.


8. Information about the restrictions in case of non-compliance with the Forum Rules

When imposing a penalty, the moderator indicates the reason for the penalty. This information is visible only to the penalized user in his account, as well as to other moderators and administrators. Public discussion of other users' penalties is inadmissible and such content will be removed without notice.


9. Specific rules in the individual sections

The current Forum Rules should be observed in all sections, as well as in personal messages.

Most sections have additional rules to their subject matter, which are published as an important/pinned topic in the relevant section. Failure to follow the specific rules of the section may also result in a penalty. 

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